Are you ready?

Countdown to the Apprenticeship Levy has begun, are you ready?

Need a helping hand with your current Employer Direct Grant, or looking to establish an apprenticeship programme but don’t have the headcount?

In April 2017 the ‘Apprenticeship levy’ will be introduced, commencing with large employers with a payroll in excess of £3m per annum.
These employers will pay 0.5% of their payroll to HMRC and in return receive a ‘credit’ to spend on apprenticeships. In this first phase approximately 2% of the largest UK companies will be paying the levy; the other 98% will be following very soon afterwards. A considerable number will need specialist help, support and guidance in order to source training partners who have the capacity, capability, expertise and financial stability to work collaboratively in partnership and deliver high quality successful apprenticeships to the workforce.

At Performance Learning Group we have worked with colleges and training providers in recent years and we have experienced the very best practices (and the worst!). We know and understand the sector and can help with the direction of travel to ensure you stay relevant and on course.

We will assign a team of specialists to assess your current capability and capacity and identify a clear detailed action plan, discussing processes and frameworks that will get you in shape for 2017. The team will consist of:
• An experienced Work based learning Professional Consultant to lead the project.
• A Quality expert specialising in up to date frameworks, standards and IQA
• An expert specialising in funding/training/SFA Audits and Ofsted Inspections.
This could include documentation such as a full Quality Audit of your current or potential provision and detailed comprehensive report with clearly identified strengths, areas for development and recommendations against government framework requirements in addition to financials checks & balances and reporting in respect to the SFA.

To start the process of becoming Apprenticeship ‘levy ready’ or information on support with your current Employer Direct Grant please contact