Exceeding expectations with the Bill’s apprenticeship programme

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Exceeding expectations with the Bill’s apprenticeship programme

Working with employers to create bespoke programmes is one of the key values of Performance Learning Group. Each of our programmes is unique and we pride ourselves on the customer service offered to each and every one of our stakeholders.

The relationships we develop allows us to utilise internal skills and knowledge to fully embed our programmes as well as have some great conversations about the future, planning the implementation of new standards and designing an offer to support with the transition into the world of the Levy.

Our newest employer Bill’s Restaurants had this to say:


“I can only say positive things about working with PLG.

Their expertise in qualifications available for our teams is excellent and enhancing to careers in Bill’s.

The Biggest plus for me is the time Andrea and Andy personally give to me and the L&D team it’s as if they are on the Bill’s payroll.

They always exceed our expectations when mapping our internal training to qualifications.

They are a super team of professionals who always strive to give us the best support possible.

I am proud of our working partnership.”


Lucy Craig

Head of People Development

Bill’s Restaurants


Designing and planning the implementation of the Bill’s apprenticeship programme has allowed us to really see the return on investment and impact that these programmes are having on the business.

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